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Anahata Meditation

Our new meditation teaching you how to release negative energy and provide you with some of the tools to lead a better life.

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Releasing Negative Energy

This Meditation can be used as a tool for letting go of the energy we hold around people who have affected us in a negative way.

To achieve maximum results use a headset and make yourself as comfortable as possible in a place where you will not be disturbed.
Meditation takes time and practice to master so have patience as you work with this tool.

Try to have an open mind each time you sit with this meditation, allow your thoughts to flow rather than be guided by expectations you may have.
Always have true intentions, if you are surprised by an image allow it to flow.
Trust your unconscious mind to allow your truth to come forward.

Releasing people from within ourselves can be difficult at times even when they have had negative effects on us.
Be gentle with yourself afterwards, allow time to process whatever you may be dealing with. Express your feelings to someone you can trust, communication with a professional may help if you are having emotional or mental issues.

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