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A Guide to Healing

By Mark Cleary

I would like to ask you to view this text, not so much as a Teaching Manual, but as a Guide-Book on your own path to Personal Healing. The techniques that I present to you within these pages are the product of many years of education and practice.

A Guide to Healing Mark Cleary 2020 Book Cover

Interview With Paul Congdon

My recent interview with Paul Congdon of Positive Life about my new book A Guide To Healing.

I do not claim ownership over these techniques as they have been collected and studied over a long period of time, via my own teachers as well as secondary sources such as lectures and books.

However, what does make this methodology unique, is my willingness to step aside as a teacher and a healer and focus my attention on my own healing.

I believe that by working on my own personal development enables me to hold a truly Sacred Space for others to relax, unwind and release stress that may be causing their dis-ease.

Through this process I can see in others what they can’t see in themselves, therefore, when they are ready, I can help guide them in the right direction towards their own true healing.

In the chapter explaining the Chakra System, I have provided ‘my own interpretation’ based solely on many years of Clinical Practice experience. I have not taken these interpretations from original Sanskrit.

"I brought genuine healing on many levels to different people using the systems included in this book"

- Mark Cleary
I recommend it to people from all walks of life. Mark is an excellent teacher.
Mark is a remarkable man. So down to earth and convincing you to see your own potential.


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