Super-Conductive Vitamins

Essential Vitamins in a Fulvic Base for Vital Catalytic Nutrition

Ambaya Gold’s Super-Conductive Vitamin supplement is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids designed to replenish the body while helping to maintain stronger and healthier systemic functioning. Benefits may include:*

  • High potency B-Complex
  • Liquid delivery for greatly increased bioavailability and usage by
    the body
  • Support for essential metabolic functioning and energy conversion
  • Supports healthy immune system


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Super-Conductive Vitamins


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 8 drops (737 mg)
Serving Per Container 180




Vitamin A (as Beta-Carotene)IU92%
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)1252 IU313%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopherol)IU100%
Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine)1.5 mg100%
Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin)1.9 mg112%
Niacin (as Niacinamide)18 mg90%
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine)2.34 mg117%
Folate1500 mcg375%
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalimin)31.2mcg520%
Pantothenic Acid (as D-Calcium Pantothenate)9 mg90%
Proprietary Fulvic Blend695 mg
----- Fulvic**
----- PGE Gold**
----- PGE Indium**
----- Methylsulfonylmethane (Pure MSM)**
----- Taurine**
----- L-Theanine (from Green Tea)**
----- L-Carnosine**
----- L-Glutathione**
----- N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL**
----- Choline Bitartrate**
----- P-Aminobenzoic Acid**

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