Detox, Cleanse & Renew

Detox Cleanse and Renew™ Zeolite

The Humic/Fulvic and Zeolite Solution for an Uplifting Detox and Cleanse Experience

Ambaya Gold’s Detox Cleanse and Renew™ has been in production for over 7 years. It’s a time proven and reliable solution with great results. Gentle on the system and powerful in its performance, it energizes and renews while removing heavy metals and other toxins.

It’s a safe liquid supplement created to be much more than just a detox solution. Starting off with a base of humic and fulvic acid, it supplies essential minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other key ingredients which are easily absorbed by the body. By combining these with the natural detox capabilities of Zeolite, Ambaya Gold created a one-of-a-kind detox and cleanse solution which replenishes while it eliminates.

Detox Cleanse and Renew™ fuels and renews the body while safely removing the toxins which may be inhibiting your overall systemic function and health. Benefits may include:*

  • Deep release and cleanse of heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins
  • Replacement of essential minerals, elements, and amino acids
  • Increase in energy and vitality
  • Improved mental awareness and clarity
  • Reduction of further toxic accumulation


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Detox, Cleanse & Renew


Detox Cleanse and Renew™ deeply cleanses and detoxes while delivering essential trace minerals, elements, amino acids, and other key ingredients throughout the entire body.

  • It’s the only Zeolite solution providing a dual support system for maximum support. The Zeolite removes heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins while the Humic and Fulvic acid base provides essential minerals, trace elements, amino acids and minerals often missing or found in a low supply state in our diets.
  • Absorbability is a primary component of the Ambaya Gold product line and Detox Cleanse is quickly incorporated into the body through Ambaya Gold’s proprietary delivery system.
  • The combination of detox cleanse and re-mineralization will increase your energy, improve your mental clarity and create a healthier and more vibrant you.

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