Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

It is important to always stay aware of one’s overall health. This helps you realize when you are starting to get sick, when you should slow down, when something might not be good for you and when you should start looking for professional help and treatment. We all know the signs to look out for concerning the flu, a migraine or an injury. But with all of these physical illnesses, we often forget to look after our mental health.

Many people who are affected by mental health conditions might disregard them or aren’t sure how to cope with it. This and other unhealthy coping mechanisms can lead to further harm and stress put upon the already affected person.

That’s why we celebrate “Mental Health Awareness Month” every May to help people understand mental health better and help anyone who needs it. Raising mental health awareness can help you to understand the symptoms, signs and find professional help. It also helps in breaking the mental health stigma that hinders so many people from speaking up about it.

Especially as a man, the idea to “man up” and to not be affected by emotions is still so engrained in the mind that it becomes difficult to shake off. Allow yourself to accept that you are not doing fine and that you might need to seek further help. It can seem almost shameful to do that, but not speaking out - not getting help can be detrimental.

The truth is that mental health complications can impact every aspect of your life. Your mental health influences the way that you think, feel, and behave. This means that both, your personal as well as professional life can be greatly impacted.

A mental health disorder is not some simple thing of feeling sad sometimes. It is a serious condition and should be treated with the attention it deserves. I plan to do exactly that!

Providing support to everyone who is suffering is a very important thing. Whether it’s listening to them, helping them with tasks or encouraging them. All of these can be so easily done by us. Of course, we cannot help with everything. Sometimes professional help is best advised or medication required.

One thing I can help with is the right intake of vitamins and other nutrients. I offer a wide arrange of supplements each suited for a different aspect of improving your mental health. Have a look:

Anxiety is one of the most prominent mental health problems and while there are several different types of anxiety disorders, all are marked by significant and often uncontrollable anxiety and fear. To combat this very uncomfortable feeling I recommend Coyne Healthcare Biomax Magnesium Berry which is very easy to take in and helps with regulating  your sleep and speeding up recovery alongside helping with anxiety and stress.

Since many mental issues are accompanied by a feeling of sadness or being down, there is nothing better to do than trying everything to lift your mood. For that, I suggest you look at Coyne Healthcare Felix/Affron or the Felix Advanced. Both of these have mood-enhancing benefits, but Felix/Affron also improves your sleep and eye-sight while Felix Advanced helps with inflammation and stress. They are both very effective in their own categories!

Improving yourself, learning from yourself and trying to help yourself is a very tiring exercise. That is why I can only recommend to keep up your energy level with Biomax PQQ. This powerful supplement also helps you with your sleep and inflammation, clears away brain fog and prevents anti-ageing. It’s a real all-rounder!

Your mental health is connected to your brain and its well-being. To keep your brain healthy, I suggest Purest Omega 3 which not only supports your brain health but also that of your heart and eyes leading to an overall healthier you!

As much as the beginning of this blog states that we cannot only pay attention to our physical health, we cannot completely leave it out. Our physical health affects our mental one as well. Because of that, I recommend Biomax Glutathione to improve your immune system, liver support, skin and muscle recovery. Being happy in your physical self will work wonders for your mental self. Trust me!

The most important thing about mental health is to learn and talk about it. Mental health issues show themselves in many different ways and two people will often not have the same experiences. We cannot be ignorant of each other and the path we walk. So let’s do our best to support each other in our journey as well as ourselves. Learn what we don’t know and talk about what we do so that we and others can be more aware in the future.

Let’s go on this journey – together!



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