He has grown and developed a Unique and Intuitive Healing Modality, thus becoming one of the most respected and sought after Healers in Ireland and abroad.

Mark runs a busy Practice in Dublin & travels throughout the World sharing his abilities with Clients, Students & fellow Therapists.

In his own words…

“I began my journey into Natural Health in 1991 while trying to rid myself of a chronic shoulder injury sustained in my early years of Martial Arts training.

After three years of trying conventional treatments, I finally found a Therapist (Dennis Bartram) who, in one session, managed to get my shoulder moving freely without pain.

His was a different approach to the treatment I had been receiving and it left such a huge impression on me that I decided to study with him.

He was a Therapist with thirty years experience in Massage, Bodywork and Cranial Osteopathy. He was also a Martial Artist & brought the Japanese system of Amatsu to Europe. Using these tools, he developed his own System of treating and teaching his work.

Although I had been practicing Martial Arts for nine years at that stage, it was only when I began to understand ‘how’ we get injured that I realized the importance of natural movement, flexibility and the freedom our body and mind need to stay healthy.

My early years had been all about Bodywork as I was very active in Sports and for me it was all about how fit I could be and how much I could push myself.

When I became injured, I had to rethink this… I wasn’t invincible! I was stuck in a system which wasn’t doing my body any favours. The same could be said about my mind, as I was just moving in one direction.

As I became more flexible and open minded, I was able to identify these restrictions in my clients. This fascinated me and encouraged me to delve deeper into these principles.

The more knowledge I gained, the more I could help people on many levels. Then, as I started to understand and use these principles on my Clients, I became more skilled as a Therapist and in no time at all I built a really busy Practice.

The next phase in my journey in to Healing was to learn how to Meditate. Meditation made me realize just how busy my mind was and this in turn led me down the path of Personal Development. Here, I learned about ‘Stillness’. And as I brought stillness to my Practice, I began to see even better and more permanent results for my clients. People love to relax, they just don’t know how to switch off.

This new way of being for me opened my mind to great new experiences. I developed a regular Yoga practice, which helped me really experience the importance of relaxation on a deeper level.

Up until this time, I had been used to fighting, being competitive and trying to win all the time, but, my new teachings showed me it was time to surrender my body and stop my busy mind pushing me all the time.

In recent years I was fortunate enough to discover a Yoga practice that compliments the work that I do as if they were made for each other.

Traditional Tantra Yoga from the Kaula System uses a lot of the same Principles that the Bujinkan uses and so the bodywork and the Yoga go hand in hand.

My research and study of these Ancient Teachings has given me the opportunity to travel all over the World. Places such as Japan, India, USA and all over Europe. As a result of this, I have been invited back to these Countries to, not only treat clients but, to Teach the system that I use to former clients, turned Students.

So, basically, with years of learning about not only the Physical body, but, the Mind/Body/Spirit connection, I have developed a system of work that allows the body to flow naturally out of pain & in to health.”

Client testimonlial

Thanks Mark

This is coming from a guy that never meditated before.​

From the first weekend Mark was there to walk me through it step by step. I had some wonderful experiences throughout this workshop. I recommend it to people from all walks of life. Mark is an excellent teacher and it was an honour and pleasure to be in his company. Alan